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As energy prices rises, growers are faced with increasing operational costs, particularly in the utilization of grow lights.  Many grow lights on the market today are energy inefficient and can be deficient in a number of other areas:  they utilize approximately 65% of their energy to generate heat while the remaining energy produces broad spectrum of light or white light, which the plant uses roughly 8% of the remaining light for growth. Some grow lights produce undesirable ultraviolet light which may cause damage to the plants DNA and humans alike. These lights have high maintenance, and operating costs as well as short bulb life-spans in addition to heavy metals such as mercury. All of these factors result in inferior light quality, added costs and toxic materials. 

Innovative and efficient, the NASA-inspired SonnyLight LED system is an alternative to conventional grow lights, and effectively addresses the myriad of concerns growers today face.  SonnyLight’s advantages are clear: the segments of the light spectrum that optimize plant growth are targeted through precision light wavelength management; its proprietary technology is inexpensive to operate; its LED light elements are noted for longevity and require very little maintenance; its heat production is very low and the materials are non-toxic.  Competitively priced, the question for growers becomes not, “Why SonnyLight?” but rather, “Why not?”

What is a LED?
LED is an abbreviation for “light emitting diode”.  The typical lifespan of a LED is 100,000 hours, or 11.6 years if it were running 24/7. In comparison, the majority of the energy needed to operate an incandescent bulb is consumed in heat production with bulb life limited to 1000-2000 hours.  Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the life of an incandescent bulb is only 83 days.  Compact fluorescent bulbs are slightly improved over incandescent with an average life of approximately 5,000 hours however they do contain mercury and phosphor toxins.

LEDs optimize plant growth
LEDs are particularly effective in facilitating plant growth. Specific visible light is needed for growth, and a large portion of broad-spectrum light is not utilized by plants, thereby making broad spectrum light less efficient for the energy required and therefore less desirable. But, LEDs are capable of delivering just the right combination of the exact light spectrum for optimal grown. LED light for plant growth does not require the high lumen levels typical of other grow lights because they are so efficient. 

SonnyLight effectively addresses problems presented by other grow lights
SonnyLight’s innovation was inspired by published NASA studies which conclude that certain wavelengths of light optimize photosynthesis for chlorophyll A and B production.  The team ran with this research and worked directly with a LED die manufacturer to produce very specific, proprietary light wavelengths resulting in the most efficient grow lights available on the market today. Combining this patent pending LED spectrum technology SonnyLight’s “Grow Logic”™ software creates a more natural light environment for your plants. Backed by good science and smart design, SonnyLight is decidedly different.  With its lower operating costs of only 15 watts, longevity of LED emitters, limited heat production thus requiring less peripheral infrastructure, and precision light management, SonnyLight is a winning product, available to growers at a reasonable cost.

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