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Grow or start plants, herbs or flowers worry-free year round with one of 2 energy-efficient grow products by SonnyLight. Our superior LED grow light extends the growing season in both warm and cold climates. Enjoy fresh basil in the winter! DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (PDF)

Whether you select SonnyLight's premium counter-top LED Kitchen Garden or hanging-unit LED Grow Garden, you can be rest assured that each model will grow an amazing number of plants (up to 72 at one time!) much faster than the competition while using 70% less energy!

All products are lightweight / portable and feature:

  • Selectable light wavelength matched to the plant type which enables almost 100% of energy and light utilized for plant growth
  • Sunrise and Sunset feature to prevent plant shock
  • Programmable grow light On / Off time to assure desired daily light exposure
  • Ability to start plants for an outside garden
  • Flexibility to use industry-standard nursery trays
  • Sleek design that seamlessly blends into multiple rooms in your home
  • No danger of overheating plants with very limited amount of heat generated (70F)
  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Lifetime LED light source 75,000+ hours minimum
  • Environmentally sensitive and toxic-free materials with biodegradable packaging

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LED Kitchen Garden - $299.99 - CHRISTMAS SALE OF $49.95 OFF!

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LED Grow Garden
- $249.95



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