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SonnyLight is the inspiration of a semi-retired automotive executive who has a passion for both technology and sustainability. Leo “Sonny” Hayes saw a significant need for a product that would enhance plant grow without the huge electrical power consumption of traditional grow lights. Sonny Light also discovered that plants utilize a very small portion of the visible light spectrum for photosynthesis. With this new knowledge, he decided to leverage his extensive product engineering experience into the consumer market.

Pursuing their desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, Sonny Hayes and his wife purchased a small Colorado mountain ranch in Pagosa Springs. They built a greenhouse on their property to grow their own organic, all natural vegetables and also use the facility as a platform to test new ideas. As a result, they can use their own personal knowledge to assist like-minded people to achieve the goal of becoming sustainable. For example, Sonny has developed a new solar heat generation and storage system. He has taken known technologies and reapplied them with sophisticated electronic controls, coupled with a sunlight concentrating system to heat the liquid material. It is then stored in an underground heat storage tank with added materials to hold the heat longer.

Sonny is also developing a fluted wind turbine system that is designed for individual home owners that is projected to produce up to 2,000 watts of electrical energy at lower wind speeds than current designs. These are just a few of the new product ideas now under development or in the first stages of design and engineering. It is Sonny’s objective to design and manufacture products that will help others to become sustainable at a reasonable and affordable price. To further leverage Sonny’s global automotive experience, he has joined with business friends in Taiwan to expand product technology and applications.

Sonny is also committed to personal customer service and encourages comments at: leo@sonnylightled.com.

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